About the company

Repus Ventilation AB

The Repus nozzle was invented in 1977 with a unique ability to utilize the dynamic pressure, making it possible to distribute air much more evenly and with lower fan energy. The company is family owned and we are committed to offering energy efficient solutions and excellent customer service.

REPUS® collaborates with the University of Gävle with a research school - Reesbe. Our PhD student Harald Andersson researches how the Repus nozzle minimizes energy consumption and provides an improved distribution of air in the school environment.

In october 2020 Harald Andersons article on the Repus nozzle ducts was published in the journal MDPI Energies. Read the article in the pdf below.

We are located in Bro between the cities of Enköping and Stockholm, but we are more than happy to pay a visit to our consultants and entrepreneurs who would like to learn more about our services or who have an exciting project in the pipeline.

We also offer digital visits and presentations.

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