IAF - Recessed rectangular floor/auditorium seating diffuser

IAF is adapted for recessed mounting in floors and auditorium seating and can be used in all types of installations where the diffusers are folded into the floor. The diffuser is mounted flat in the floor without any protruding details and with overpressure or duct connection.

IAF low impulse diffusers are available in three standard versions:

IAF 70 With a height of only 70 mm, the diffuser is easy to place even in lower auditorium seats. The IAF70 has adjustable REPUS® nozzles for smooth and flexible spreading. Standard color RAL9003 gloss 30%, other colors can be ordered on request. Available in four different widths.

IAF 0606 is mainly used in installation floors for offices and computer rooms. The diffuser is suitable for installation floors with 600x600 mm floor tiles, but can be used for pressurized wooden floor, like in the auditorium at SEB's head office in Solna. The height of the diffuser is adjusted to the thickness of the floor in question.

IAF 0401 is primarily used in theaters, cinemas, assembly rooms or installation floors. The diffusers are very suitable in VAV systems and do not require minimum flows to operate.

AMA Text

REPUS® low impulse diffuser for recessed mounting type IX or equivalent
The diffuser must have internally mounted adjustable REPUS® nozzles for best air distribution + adjustable side slot
Material: Galvanized sheet metal
​​​​​​​Color: Powder paint, white RAL 9003 gloss 30% or as per order.