DKR - Rectangular nozzle duct

If you wish to integrate a nozzle duct into the ceiling, DKR is the perfect choice. The diffuser can distribute large air flows despite a low construction height. If the ceiling is cramped, this is a good solution as the connections can be made rectangular and a classroom with 300 l/s can function with a diffuser that is only 200 mm high. The diffuser is available in multiple sizes and lengths. We delivered a DKR wall diffuser for the restaurant ChopChop in Rosersberg, which distributes 1600 l/s via two 630 connections in the center section.

The diffuser can be easly dimensioned with our plug-in for MagiCAD. There are multiple variations in the MagiCloud and we are happy to help you develop the right diffuser for your project.


TD xx
Nozzle duct type DKR or equivalent. Repus nozzles that utilize both dynamic and static pressure for an even air distribution.
  • Covers and air deflectors can be mounted on the nozzles to adjust the air flow and spread.
  • Galvanized sheet metal, Powder coated RAL 9003 gloss 30%
  • Downward R60 nozzle with air deflector