DKQ - Quarter round nozzle duct

DKQ is a nozzle duct for a wall or ceiling. They are available in dimensions from 160 mm to 400 mm. The devices are manufactured in lengths 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 m and can be assembled into long ducts, 20-30 m and sometimes even longer.

DKQ is the perfect choice for a classroom if you wish to place the duct alongside the wall. For the English School in Falun and Älvsjö we delivered quarter round nozzles that were 7.5 m long in dimension 315 with the ability to handle just over 300 l/s without draft or noise issues.

Duct lining is available as an accessory.

The diffuser is easily dimensioned with our configurator which is also available as a plug-in for MagiCAD.

AMA Text

TD xx
Quarter round nozzle duct of the type DKQ or equivalent. Repus nozzles that utilize both dynamic and static pressure for an even air distribution.
  • Covers and air deflectors can be mounted on the nozzles afterwards to adjust the air flow and distribution.
  • Construction of longitudinal aluminum profiles that are fixed to the ceiling/wall. Quarter round nozzle steel plate is mounted in the aluminum profiles.
  • Powder coated RAL9003 gl30
  • End cap connection (other placement is also possible)
  • Maintenance-free diffuser, only requires wiping.
  • Can be supplemented with duct cladding (eg:, bbb = dimension, cc = length in decimetres. 05, 10, 15, 20 available)
Type: L eller -R